Turquoise Crystal Necklace

Color: Antique

This necklace was inspired by the modern architecture of the Royal Ontario Museum Crystal. My first studio in Toronto was across the street from the Crystal. I would look out my window while making jewellery and see the Crystal illuminated, and the changing lights illuminating the Crystal made me think about different stones and crystals themselves inside the modern structure. This was the inspiration for my line of crystal necklaces.

This turquoise necklace showcases the stone inside a modern wire design. Turquoise stones first travelled to Western Europe from Turkey (the word turquoise means ‘Turkish’ in French), along with other treasures and luxury goods along the Silk Road. This stone was loved by the ancient Egyptians (both Cleopatra and King Tut wore Turquoise jewellery), and has been used by Native Americans as a powerful sacred stone that enables communication between heaven and earth. Turquoise helps protect a sensitive heart and heal emotional wounds.

Necklace Details:

-Chain length is 28”
-Chain comes in 14k gold colour, silver, antique and black
-Made in Toronto, Canada
-One Heart exclusive piece
-One of a kind; stones and wire design will have natural variations