Turquoise Stone Bracelet

Color: Forest Green
Our current best-selling bracelet design, this classic design is based on a simple macramé knot that is understated, allowing the central turquoise to really shine.

Turquoise stones first travelled to Western Europe from Turkey (the word turquoise means ‘Turkish’ in French), along with other treasures and luxury goods along the Silk Road. This stone was loved by the ancient Egyptians (both Cleopatra and King Tut wore Turquoise jewellery), and has been used by Native Americans as a powerful sacred stone that enables communication between heaven and earth. Turquoise helps protect a sensitive heart and heal emotional wounds.

Bracelet details:
- Adjustable from 2-5’ inches in diameter
- Thread is a waxed polyester – this makes the bracelet very strong
- Thread comes in two colours; forest green and black
- Custom thread colours are available upon request
- Central turquoise stone, with two metal coloured beads on either side (gold beads forest green thread, silver beads with black thread).
- Can be worn in the water
- One of a kind
- One Heart exclusive piece
- Made in Toronto, Canada
- Final Sale, No Returns or Exchange