Tree Coconut Shell Bracelet

Color: Celeste
Our coconut shell jewellery made One Heart famous. These designs are all totally hand done. First a design is carved into coconut shell with a tiny hand saw blade. The coconut is then hand polished with sandpaper until it is smooth.

Walter was inspired to carve the tree silhouette on his first winter in Canada after moving from Costa Rica. Landing in Toronto he saw many wintery trees without leaves – a first after the leafy green jungle he had left behind. The silhouette inspired him to carve this tree silhouette into coconut shell.

Bracelet details:
- Adjustable from 2-5’ inches in diameter
- Thread is a waxed polyester – this makes the bracelet very strong
- Thread comes in two colours; black or celeste
- Custom thread colours are available upon request
- Coconut carving can be customized with a silhouette of your choosing – contact us for information
- Can be worn in the water
- One of a kind
- One Heart exclusive piece
- Made in Toronto, Canada
- Final Sale, No Returns or Exchange