One Heart was established in Kensington Market in 2009, but was born long before that, in the waves of Costa Rica and the streets of Central America.

Walter Muñoz

Born in Guatemala in 1985, Walter left home at a young age and began to make his way around the world as an artist.

He began making jewellery at fifteen, and that is when his adventures really began. As a talented jewellery artist, he was able to sell his work wherever he went, and was successful enough to keep travelling with only short visits home. Capoeira and surfing soon became part of his travelling life, pushing him to further and more exotic locations.

Surfing brought him to Costa Rica where he opened his first jewellery store, and furthered his passion as a big wave surfer.

Pausing in Toronto in 2009, he discovered Kensington Market and its bohemian, multicultural life. He opened One Heart as a stable base from which to sell his handmade jewellery, but you can often still find him somewhere on the road, or on a wave in the middle of the ocean.

One Heart

The jewellery studio is the heart of the shop. Something new is always being created. Personalizing jewellery for customers as they come in or working on a new inspiration.

Handmade jewellery in a modern, bohemian style is complimented by vintage clothing, handmade boots, natural skin products, and new finds from around the world. A calm spot to stop and look for something new, the shop also captures the life and energy of the street style of Kensington.