Wave Surfer Coconut Shell Necklace

Color: Bone White
Our coconut shell jewellery made One Heart famous. These designs are all totally hand done. First a design is carved into coconut shell with a tiny hand saw blade. The coconut is then hand polished with sandpaper until it is smooth.

This adjustable necklace was designed for surfers – it can be worn in the water and embodies the surf culture. The wave portion of this silhouette is filled with crushed turquoise stone.

Necklace details:
- Fully adjustable; can be worn as a choker or long pendant
- Thread is a dark brown waxed cotton
- Coconut pendant comes in two colour options; bone white (natural white coconut shell) or dark brown (natural dark coconut shell)
- Coconut carving can be customized with a silhouette of your choosing – contact us for information
- Can be worn in the water
- One of a kind
- One Heart exclusive piece
- Made in Toronto, Canada
- Final Sale, No Returns or Exchange