Deep Ocean Bracelet

Color: Aquamarine

The Deep Ocean bracelet was inspired by a world that most surfers will understand. Being deep underwater after a big wave, and looking up towards the sun, you see the world from what feels like the bottom of the ocean, and you have such a different perspective. The deep ocean bracelet can remind you of being in that ocean world.
This bracelet features opalite stone, and is totally at home in the water.

Bracelet details:
- Adjustable from 2-5’ inches in diameter
- Thread comes in three colours; aquamarine, dark pink, and dark turquoise
- Thread is a waxed polyester – this makes the bracelet very strong
- Can be worn in the water
- Beads are opalite stone (glass) and gold coloured metal
- One Heart exclusive piece
- Made in Toronto, Canada
- Final Sale, No Returns or Exchange