Happy Traveler Bracelet

Color: Bone White

The Happy Traveler is my signature bracelet. It represents the connection between all the cultures I’ve experienced in my travels – the languages, ideas, philosophies, and people, all different colours, combined in one piece of jewellery.
This bracelet is worn by many artists, and people often buy it to give to friends as a friendship bracelet.
It is super strong and can be worn in the water – designed to stay with you in the surf and on all of life’s adventures.

Bracelet details:
- Adjustable from 2-5’ inches in diameter
- Thread comes in four colours; bone white, dark brown, forest green, and celeste
- Thread is a waxed polyester – this makes the bracelet very strong
- Can be worn in the water
- Beads are durable glass
- Bead colours and patterns will vary in each bracelet – each is one of a kind
- One Heart exclusive piece
- Made in Toronto, Canada
- Final Sale, No Returns or Exchange